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  • Living downtown San Antonio on the River is awesome and the views are incredible. Pet friendly, indoor gym, awesome world famous River Walk! Parking is no hassle, safety and security is one of the best for the downtown area. Noise is NOT an issue and negligible.
  • Living at the Jones and Rio was truly a best of experiences to live along the Rio. Had a very good time there. Staff was always friendly and helpful and quick to assist in any way they could. Would do it all over again.
  • In April of 2017 I moved into Jones and Rio. Being a homeowner for 13 years, I welcomed not having to mow the yard but was apprehensive about living in an Apartment again (last one was during college). I came to look at the units and still wasn't 100% sold. Cynthia went out of her way to call me to come look at one additional unit that was available. I shuttered a little bit, however I knew that I was going to enjoy the less than 10 min commute to work (as opposed to 1 hour or more). I can honestly say that after almost a year and a half I am so glad I decided to move here. The views are great, The rooftop is amazing, and I get non stop comments about the pool. The staff is so kind and courteous that you almost forget you're not family. And anytime something needs to be repaired, its done with the utmost importance and care. If you are looking to live downtown, I would look no farther than the Best Intersection you can find. Right on the corner of Jones & Rio. Mark